Festival of Winter Walks

Festival of Winter Walks

The Festival of Winter Walks is a popular event held annually in Great Britain, which helps people to explore the beauty and diversity of the UK outdoors during the winter months. The festival usually takes place throughout January and February - with some events running until March - and is organized by national charity, The Ramblers. The walks are designed to help people get out and enjoy the countryside during winter, promoting healthy physical activity, mental well-being, and appreciation for nature. Participants can choose from over 4,000 routes across England, Scotland, and Wales ranging in distance from 2 miles to 30 miles; there are also accessible routes available suitable for all ages and abilities.

During the festival, walkers can access exclusive benefits such as half-price membership for The Ramblers organization or discounted accommodation at local lodges. Many walks also feature a host of activities along the way such as live music performances or hot drink stops offering warming refreshments. The Festival of Winter Walks is a great way to spend quality time with friends or family while discovering new areas across Great Britain. It’s an opportunity to experience something unique in nature during winter - whether that be seeing snow-covered hillsides, frosty woodland scenes, or glistening riverside views.

Exploring on foot allows walkers to truly appreciate their surroundings - birds singing in nearby trees or fresh snowfall underfoot - as well as benefit from being outdoors through improved mental health and physical fitness.  Not only that, but joining a local walking group like The Ramblers comes with many advantages such as reducing social isolation, connecting with like-minded people who share the same passions, and having access to outdoor experts who can provide safety advice and navigation tips.  So why not make the most of your winter days? Grab a warm coat and hat, lace up those walking boots and join us on one of our exciting routes this winter!




The Festival of Winter Walks is a cherished tradition that dates back centuries. It began in Germany as a way for families and friends to spend time together outdoors and enjoy the colder temperatures of winter. People would gather to go on leisurely walks through the countryside, often stopping for a picnic or small feast along the way.


The tradition of decorating Christmas trees started in Europe and eventually made its way to North America via immigrants. In the United States, it became especially popular in colder regions like the Midwest and New England. The event started off as a single-day event but has since expanded into multi-day celebrations in many places.


The festival usually takes place around the time of the winter solstice, when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. This makes it an ideal time for people to get outdoors and enjoy the winter scenery. During their walk, people can look out for signs of winter, such as evergreen trees blanketed in snow or animals hibernating in burrows beneath the ground.


Some cities have taken this festival to new heights by adding special activities such as ice sculpture displays and outdoor fire pits where people can gather around a warm fire to keep from getting too cold during their walk. Furthermore, many cities offer guided tours which allow visitors to learn about local history or take introductory courses about topics like star gazing or bird watching during their walks. This helps create a more well-rounded and enjoyable experience for festival-goers.


The Festival of Winter Walks is about enjoying nature's beauty even during the darkest months of winter. It's an opportunity for people to spend time outdoors amidst nature's wonders, even when temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius!





The Festival of Winter Walks is an annual event that will take place from February 1st to March 17th, 2017. The event celebrates Britain's countryside, wildlife, and culture with a series of guided walks that are tailored to different audiences.


The Festival of Winter Walks allows people to safely and comfortably explore some of the UK's most beautiful places. Each walk provides fresh air, stunning scenery, and interesting facts about the local area. In some locations, walkers may find ancient ruins or hidden views that have been hidden for centuries. They might also see rare wildlife like deer or badgers.


The festival offers many activities to make each walk extra special, including traditional storytelling sessions around campfires, interactive workshops, live music performances, and     winter photography classes. Several routes offer refreshment stops along the way.


The Festival of Winter Walks is a great way to enjoy nature while also helping to conserve Britain’s environment and wildlife habitats. all ticket sales from the event are donated towards research projects dedicated to protecting these areas. So why not join us this winter and help make a difference




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Why do we love the Festival of Winter Walks?


The Festival of Winter Walks is a wonderful event that celebrates the joy and beauty of walking in winter. For many, it's an annual tradition to get out and enjoy the crisp winter air with friends and family.


There are many reasons why the Festival of Winter Walks is such a beloved event. One of the main benefits of winter walks is that they allow people to experience nature in its purest form, without the distraction and noise of modern technology. The quiet serenity of a snow-covered trail allows people to truly relax, clear their minds, and connect with themselves on a deeper level. Additionally, studies have shown that spending time in nature can help reduce stress levels while improving physical fitness, mental health, and overall well-being.


We love attending this event because it's an excellent way to socialize during the colder months when people often feel isolated. Joining new people for a leisurely walk is easier and there's no pressure or expectations; just like-minded folks enjoying each other's company while exploring beautiful landscapes together under starry night skies.


We love how winter walks give us a chance to appreciate the season from a different perspective. Instead of feeling dread at the thought of icy roads and frigid temperatures, we get to enjoy the coziness of winter clothing while surrounded by beautiful frosty scenery. We find ourselves embracing each unique aspect of winter weather, and it's a great way to get some exercise and fresh air.


Whether you're looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life or you simply want to spend more time outdoors during the colder months, the Festival of Winter Walks has something for everyone! It's an easy way to reconnect with nature while still having fun with friends, old or new, so don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

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