Who We Are

Altruistic Scribe specializes in developing and providing apps, software, educational tools, & support to help cater to the everyday need of the everyday healthcare provider, these apps will be utilized in various settings, including healthcare facilities, Government Agencies, and within minority community health groups.

We are committed to developing an inclusive culture of mutual respect, transparency, and unyielding integrity. and equity.

Access to quality healthcare is vital.

A Little More About Us


In our technologically advanced world today, it's vital that we have clear and efficient systems that are easy to use, especially in service industries such as healthcare, schools, hotels, and government agencies. It's hard to find programs that work for you and the needs of your institution when the technology you're using is made by people with little knowledge of service provision. I know firsthand what you're dealing with, which is why I decided to take matters into my own hands.

As an experienced nurse and medical professional, I understand the needs of those in the industry that serve people. The work we do has a great influence on the livelihoods of others, and it's imperative we can do our jobs well. It's for this reason that I wanted to build systems that not only improved information management for clinical professionals and agencies but assisted each beneficiary of service institutions with getting their needs met timely & effectively.

The worlds of tech and the service industry have a unique symbiotic relationship that requires thorough knowledge of both, as a bilingual participant in each of these areas, I can create a new level of quality and innovation when it comes to information management. It is a privilege to advance you, your team, and your work, and I'm honored to help your clients receive the detailed and tailored care they need from you.

As an advocate for quality healthcare, We believe that everybody deserves to be treated and represented by healthcare providers who guide, support, treat and understand different cultural practices, and languages.

  • Accurate translation of spoken and written communication to the patient to attain the highest quality health equity by eliminating disparities and improving health for all cultural and socioeconomic groups.

  • Enable access to well-rounded professionals across diverse cultures, ethnic groups, languages, and expertise by addressing all aspects of social determinants of health and opportunities for processing and intervention.

  • Establishing mending and strengthening trusting relationships between healthcare organizations, treatment teams, and their patients. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, everybody deserves access to healthcare providers who understand cultural practices and languages.

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